sweatshirt moshino chanel tshirt

It’s 2 am here in Mexico, and lately I been going to bed really late, I think posting at this hour it’s becoming an habit, but I really want to share this with you guys; do you remember that style of Carrie Bradshaw, the aptitude to combine different clothes no matter if they were from a famous designer or if it were from a famous brand with pieces more cheapest but also coolest… Well the thing is that I was checking my Instagram the other day and then I saw a page really nice, I must say I felt in love with the design of the clothes.

Anyway now I just can’t get out of mind that clothes that I really want from a mexican brand  thinking in all the possibilities that I could wear it. I really WANT IT

PS: I want the black one of CHANEL & the sweatshirt of MOSCHINO. :d

You can check all designs here.


3 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT WISHES…

  1. That picture of Carrie has been in my mind for years now, from the second I saw the premiere of the movie. It’s just utterly sensational, and the way she combines clothing is really remarkable, so this is an amazing inspiration! 🙂
    Following you now, hope you do the same. 🙂


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