Coffee for One.

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Sometimes I like to make decisions or make some things on the moment, I mean, no to planned or to think about it many times, this happened to me last day when I was shooting this outfit, I decided to take a little time for me, forget just for a little moment about all the things I had to do, and enjoy the moment, relax me and well… take some coffee. I love this type of things, those little ones that makes the day perfect! ;D

On the last three, you can see some photos I took on the place, it was really charming.

As I told you guys on my POST, I think I’m gonna wear this shoes for a very long time, jaja or maybe in many of my outfits. Also if you see, I wore again my bracelet that a dear friend gave it to me.


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11 thoughts on “Coffee for One.

  1. What a lovely outfit, Aldo! Love it! But I’m fall in love with your shoes and your blazer, too! The most thing that I love of your post is your introduction about enjoy the little moment in our lives, it’s so rightful!


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