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This time I’m not going to talk about Fashion, or what I’m wearing, TODAY I want to talk about you guys, you that makes the Garçonne Style keep going and growing, as I told you on my Instagram, last week we reached more than 1,000 views and today we are growing more, this in just few months.

Maybe it’s a little but for me it’s something very special, I mean I started this blog, because I discovered a passion about fashion a really big passion so I decided to share it with all the people that I knew, but also I wanted more, I was wanting to share it with all, so this was the result for now. For me it’s very special see all your comments & all your visits from different places in the world: Mexico, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Shanghai, UK, Germany, etc. Huge thanks.

I’ll keep writing & sharing my life, those special moments, my style, all with you guys, one more time thanks for you support a thousand times.

Sincerely Aldo.


7 thoughts on “1,000 TIMES THANKS!!

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