Fashion is FUN

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Hey guys! I know that it’s been a while since I didn’t write something here in the blog, but here I am again!!
Today is my birthday and there’s something inside of me that made me feel with a huge energy and what best way to use it in my birthday that using it in the thing that I like more: My Blog!!
So here I am writing this post for you.
Have you asked why you like fashion? Well it could sound like a typical question but for me, my concept were reinforced by the last fashion season, I’m talking about two particular runways:
Why? Well as you already saw on fashion week there were a lot of proposal from the designers for the next season, but well, this two made me feel that fashion it’s not about showing which brand or designer is the best, have the best quality or it’s more famous. For me, fashion it’s about like telling a history, something that inspired you to show the world your ideas, your creativity, but most of all for me, show that all the job that you’ve done has ended in something very special and awesome, and show that this world is also fun. I know that it’s a very competitive enviroment but hey it’s fun, I mean if we doesn’t like this, why we do this?
For me as I already said, fashion is fun, is like a history that must be telling. That the reason I love fashion.
Here are some photos from the runways of Chanel & Moschino.
I loved Chanel because when you think that you have already saw all, Karl comes with something unexpected, this time womens have the same rights that mens, and they showed with some fun posters about that.

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And Moschino, well it was like going to Barbie world, with all the pieces that every women would liked have to dress when the were children and also now.

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So this is all about this post, hope you liked and if you liked other ones… well, tell me!! 😉


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