Hey guys! How are you? 😀

Well as the name of this post call, Something about me, it’s what I’m going to do, if you follow my Instagram, you would see a lot of things that I do everyday, but most of all, I share with you the things that I like to do. This post it’s not going to be about fashion, today I want to share with you some achievemetnts that I’ve done on this year that it’s almost ending, something about my life, as I already said, somethings that I like to do, where, etc.

Well…. for me this year, the last 10 months for being exactly, I’ve been doing my militar service, thing that I was not so happy for do it, so after all this months of hard work, last weekend I finally ended!! You can’t imagine how I felt when I said: Oh my god, this is the end, I made it!! I  was so happy, but most of all, I started thinking what I learned about this experience, things like do the best that you can in every activity, every day, that I and everyone can do whatever and overcome obstacles, because everything it’s possible, believe me!

Anyway, other thing, if you see my instagram you would see, that I like to do different activities, overcome my limits, and well, because I’m the person that really enjoy doing excercise but constantly I’m trying to do excercise in many different ways, so then I decided to start running, I think my favorite place to do it it’s on Reforma, one of the most beautiful streets here on the city, I really enjoy it, I just need my favorite Nike shoes, my headphones, and my favorite playlist from Spotify for running, I started running 5 km, but now I overpassed the 9 km, my goal for the next weeks is to get into the 10 km, and I know that I can, today I  proved it, reach your goals it’s something that nothing can compare!!

And the last thing I want to share with you is some activity I really like to do, the most of the time alone, going for a coffee, and just sit out of the place it’s something I really like to do, because it’s a time for me, for think and relax, also write on the blog, thing that I was doing when I wrote this post outside of the cafe, with a cup of coffee, and my favorite deserve, maçarons!!

So this is all, guys, I want to know about you guys, also I’m so glad and happy when I see each of your comments. Thanks for check my blog! 😉


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