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“…Let your self be one with the ocean floor
I know gold is not enough, She’s a diamond I’m the rock
While I’m laying down I try my luck
Don’t I know gold is not enough?…”

People that know me, knows that my days are not completed if I don’t listen music, I’m the person that always is hearing music, every moment I try to have the perfect song or playlist for each moment in my day, when I’m walking, when I’m on my computer, when I get up, anytime. I like to listen different type of music, discover new type of music or singers, or just listen the most popular of now.

Later on other post I will talk more further about my favorite songs at the moment, but meanwhile let’s get back to the post, the name of the post is because meanwhile I was seeing the photos of this post, I was doubting about what to write, so many to share, so many thoughts…. But then I put this song “Gold- from Bondax” and the I found out that the song was perfect for what I want to transmit with the photos.

So then I decided to put here on the top of the post just a little fragment of the song, this one it’s one of my favorite ones, it’s just that and I really can’t describe why I really like this song, it’s just have quelque chose.


Thanks for your comments and visits.


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