Hey guys, I think this is in a very long time, that I publish 2 posts so close, but anyway…

The purpose of this post is to tell you about my year, to think about all the things that happened on this year, good & bad things, let me start saying that I just was seeing all your comments when I thought, why not to post one more about this year, at the end, this is one of the purpose of the blog, to meet you guys and talk with all of you about everything, so why not to tell you about this year.

I know that in many countries you’re going to recieve the year more earlier than me (I live in Mexico) so now I’m publishing this post today, just as the ideas and words come to my mind I’m trying to write them here.

But anyway, let’s go ahead with the things that happened on my 2014:

First of all I think one of the things I’ve made this year is to have ended my militar service (for 10 months!!) for me it was really hard because before to knew I was selected for do it, I was saying everyday that I did not want to do it, but at the end it results well, I reencounter there with an old friend, a friend of primary school, so it was so cool to see him again, and also when I ended my service I realize that if I have done this, then I can do anything if I propose to myself, so I felt really incredible.

The second one is that finally I decided which career I want to study (Marketing), I worked for a few months on a fashion company, here on the city, so it was so great, I was feeling like Andy in the Devil wears Prada, hahaha, it was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life, and also I made really great friends who taught me a lot.

And I think the last but most important for me is this, THE GARÇONNE STYLE, because before this blog, I have to tell you, I had another one, but results that at that time I was a completely extrange on blogs, I had no idea about how to create and manage a blog, so I decided to started on Blogger, I said why not? let’s do it!     Then I knew about WordPress and then well…  on February of this year THE GARÇONNE STYLE borned, my most precious dream camed to life, and trough this months a lot happened, for some momments I couldn’t work as deserved the blog, but other times, I was working like crazy like this past weeks, working and thinking on some great plans for the blog, and the result came some months ago, when you guys, made the blog reach more than 1,000 views, that made me happy, you know, see that your work is having great results, for me, made me the most happiest person on earth. 🙂

So this is in short words how was my year, let’s go for another year with more succeed ,and always giving the best from ourselves in everything, guys your are becoming an important part in my life, so here on The Garçonne Style we’re going to keep working, and I will continue telling you about everything that happens in this travel of being a fashion blogger.

See you on 2015!! 😀

P.S. I hope that you pass an incredibly new year’s eve with all your beloved ones, and always do the best on everything you make, work is the key to succeed. And the most important advice is to NEVER STOP DREAMING!!

Sincerely Aldo.



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