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BAGS are one of the most important accesories for every woman in her everyday, becasue I think you girls choose your daily bag according to your outfit, your personality, it represents who are each one of you. Right?

On today’s post I’m not gonna talk about fashion for men or the outfits that I wear (that I have so many waiting to post), no, today I will talk about something that I’m sure to all my dearest girls that see my blog would interest and it’s that, BAGS.

The bags that I’m showing to you it’s from a Mexican Brand call “Xuxalo” to be precise from Monterrey they manufacture bags, wallets and accesories. A few months ago the brand just started and if you follow their Instagram you will know that their products are stunning! It’s not the type of bag that you commonly see in the streets.

I’m the person that likes to be different , to wear things with good quality, different, original and with style, so when I saw the products of Xuxalo, I didn’t doubt to share it with you guys, that’s the reason of the blog to show you all the concpet fashion (the popular brands and the emergents).

You will ask of which material are this bags, well, I contacted the designer, to know more about the brand, so they told me that the material that they use for each bag is from animal skin, but don’t worry, the brand have an important compromise with the enviroment and ecology, so all the materials that the brand use are regulated by the goverment and mexican departments who are in charge of take care of the enviroment. Another important task that they told me was that each bag is HANDMADE, so each one is created delicately,  and with this, each bag, wallet or accesorie is original for make it special for each client of the brand.

Just imagine yourself walking in your city with your original, handmade, beautiful and unique bag from a mexican brand, you will not see one like this I think. So tell me girls:

How wants one?  😉


If you want to see more about the brand you can check





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