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Hey guys!

At the time that I was writting this post I was on the highway coming home from a looong weekend, you know that time when you need to stop for a minute and then you say that it’s time to take some time to yourself, to relax, enjoy and forget all the things that we have to do, in my case school, job, city, etc.

So the opportunity camed some days ago when we (my family and I) decided to take some short days outside from the city, but really close to it, so then we decided to pass the weekend in Cuernavaca, that it’s a place really beautiful and relaxing and also just two hours away from Mexico’s City. On other post I will be telling all the things that I’ve done there. But as I already told you, now I’m on road coming home, listening some of my fav songs on my Spotify playlist, and enjoying all the views from the woods. I have to say that when it’s about roadtrips, long or shorts, I love to see all the landscapes, I’m like a little boy that it’s next to the window of the car with big open eyes seeing everything. 😀

But let’s talk about my outfit, first there was a lot since I posted one of my outfits and it’s because I have so many to show you between trips, music, fashion posts, outfits, and also preparing all the material to show you. Anyway, we shooted it some weeks ago meanwhile we was visiting some expositions on the city, and also the location was perfect for all the beauty that have, you can see it on the images, JUST the perfect time of the day to take some pictures.
Hope you like it!

If you want to know more about this trip you can see MY INSTAGRAM and see some of the images that I took during it.
Also guys the first anniversary of The Garçonne Style it’s really close and I can’t believe it! My first year as a blogger, and I will be posting a very special post about it really, really soon!


7 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND

  1. love the pictures and your style! and congrats for your almost-anniversary 😀 it’s sort of funny – we must have started blogging at about the exact same time because mine is coming up very soon too
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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