What is happening?





Hey guys! How are you?

I know that there’s been a while since I wrote something, and I know that I don’t dedicate enough time to the blog, as I really want. But the thing (and the purpose of this post) is to tell you about this things that have happening in my life recently. So preprare yourself for read all the story. 😀

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Here’s the thing, as you already know I”m studing my degree in marketing, so as part of the school I have to work, and also I really was wanting to do it. But I didn’t like any type job, I was looking for a job of my career, one that make me feel with a lot of energy and most important, to make me feel happy of that. So then I started looking at, and then,  I finally get into one of the job I ever want to, I get into a PR agency, it was something I didn’t believe it, I was feeling like Blair Waldorf on her fist day at W Magazine.

It was a new opportunity for me, to learn, to live new experiences, to meet new people, do different a new things, I was feeling really happy, so when I entered, just the first day I was having my first venue of L’oréal, I didn’t knew exactly what to do, it was a whole new world for me, but I was being positive and  also I was seeing that as a chance to learn and do new things, so that day, I started a new chapter in my life, one chapter that I personally believe it’s the start of many new things. Now I still working on the agency as an intership, but you have to believe me, the expirience it’s unique, when I think in the brands that I’m involved, it really excites me, just to think that I’m working for Levi’s in Mexico, for Perugia (mexican shoes), and doing events for Levi’s, Hermenegildo Zegna, L’Oréal, and some others that you will be noticing in my INSTAGRAM, being in touch with the press (magazines, newspapers, other mexican fashion bloggers, celebrities) really makes me happy.

I’m not gonna lie, between school, projects, work, events, it’s really hard to me to have enough time to the blog, I try my best, and I will keep doing it.

As I always says, you’re part of this history, so you must know about what is happening. It’s really impressing if you think about it, I mean I only have 19 years old, and I want to do a lot of things, THIS IS JUST THE BEGGINING.


Thanks for being here with me.


P.S. You can see what is happening in my every day, in my INSTAGRAM, so check it out! And FOLLOW ME 😉


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