When we talk about Basquiat it is impossible not link him with his roots as well as the source of their inspiration in his works, his puerto rican roots of his family, the neighbourhoods where he grew up like Brooklyn, SOHO, the Bronx, and also with the environment that he was involved when he was a child with poetry and art.
At the time he left the school just a few months before ending high school, Basquiat decided to go out of his home and get involved inside of all the artistic currents that was taking importance in the areas of New York, painting on subways and also on the walls of SOHO, were the beginnings of Basquiat with Al Diaz under the firm of SAMO (Same Old Shit).
The work of Basquiat at the beginning  was undervalued because with the jump of Graffiti, it was hard to understand what artists was wanting to express with their pieces, however his work with the pass of the years made him go to new places to present his work like Ivory Coast, Paris and back again to New York, naming him as one of the most youngest artists for his time.
Jean Basquiat was certainly one of the best visual artists of Afro-American art, his addictions to heroine lead him to his death, but today Basquiat is back in home, presenting his work “UNKOWN NOTEBOOKS” on Brooklyn’s museum, where he was a member when he had only 6 years. When we talk about UNKOWN, we don’t mean about the fact that never have been seen, but the fact that never been exhibited until now. In this exposition, you can see the work of Basquiat over pieces of paper and sheets of notebooks, as an individual piece or the union of many sheets forming a whole.2c2246_6a8cc74b06bc48d7b1045f806ad8ffc72c2246_b2f94a859f6e41b896516dea8090b2aa


1986, New York, New York, USA --- Jean-Michel Basquiat --- Image by © William Coupon/CORBIS

1986, New York, New York, USA — Jean-Michel Basquiat — Image by © William Coupon/CORBIS


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