There was a time where sporty clothes was only to make sports, now at days we see a lot of people wearing it and uploading their outfit on social media like Lookbook, Instagram. But now at days this tendence is well positionated, and it’s a way to wear it in our day by day, the thing is to do it well and not look like you’re going to the gym or that just put the first thing you saw on your wardrobe.

Today I bring you an idea that could help to have ideas how to wear it. Also is important find good pieces and good quality, taking in cosideration your style. So the thing is that when I was looking the pieces for the outfit I found that FANATICS have a great concept about sporty clothes, in fact, they are changing the way we see and how we can use this type of clothes.

I believe that if you like this style, you wear it every day or just you want to try it, Fanatics would be a great option to check it out and found pieces that you could use on your every day and also if you do sports.

And the best thing is that you can wear this type of outfits without searching so much, like the shirt and the cap, you can click on the image to see where you can buy this items and make sporty chic part of your style.


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