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(Images taken from internet)
Here’s the thing, you are looking for a place to eat, where you want to find a cool enviroment, great music, and obviously a place where they serve you a considerable amount of food with good taste. Well if you’re not from Mexico let me tell you that this is exactly how is the experience when you eat here in Mexico, in every site of the country your will found good enviroment, nice people, good and DELICIOUS FOOD.
And after giving my explication about mexican food which is backed by some foreign friends, let me introduce you to BRAVO, it’s the restaurant where you will: eat breaded squid cakes, huauzontle cakes with cheese dumplings, salads, roast beef cakes, and more.
If you want to eat well, have a nice time, and live an experience of unique flavors this is the place, and I’m not lying to you, believe me when I said that when you end, you will have a smile in your face… and probably your shirt will be stained too.

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