You probably already saw the new campaign about Dior with Rihanna, the thing is that when the notice came out, everybody around the world wasn’t expected something like that, I mean, Rihanna is the first girl that is not white to protagonize a campaign of the brand, and don’t misunderstand me about this, in fact I think this is a great collaboration, if you see the video of the campaign you will see how Rihanna shows her style and attitude with the brand, it is not the typical comercial because she put her essence in every scene she does.
Personally I believe that now at days the way that fashion is represented by icons is changing generating some kind of polemic around the world and giving place to influencer people to be selected for being part of a cover magazine or to realize a special project with brands, and not only using models as we use to see. It would be interesting to see how this is going to be in a few years and also how this would be in 10 or 20 years, who we are going to see on a VOGUE cover or being the star of a campaign of a famous brand.
What is really interesting and it will keep as an interrogant is what motivated to choose Rihanna as the brand image of the famous design house.
Here you can see the video of the campaign.

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