the protagonist


Fashion editor of VOGUE, she’s one of the most popular editors in fashion around the world. The work that she do as a fashion and creative editor is recognized to be unique, and always create unexpecting photos with the hand of the most popular and recoginzed photographers like Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz
She is one of the latest editors that is involved in all the process during the sessions for each issue. We could say that Grace is a leyend that has left a mark in the fashion world.
Model and Icon on 60’s, she has been working on Teen Vogue, as stylist on Vogue UK and also she worked as design director on Calvin Klein, but thanks to Anna Wintour, she went to Vogue America until today,
If you see Vogue America and look at the editor’s note you will see her name as a Fashion Editor. And believe me when I say that her job talks for itslef.
For this reason, GRACE CODDINGTON is THE PROTAGONIST of today’s note.
Photos taken from internet.
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