When we talk about movies that we must see, in general I like to recommend movies that you usually are not going to see on the board of the cinema, for that reason we’re going to talk about Xavier Dolan, a person that is making his name start being categorized like one of the most important characters on the world of cinema, and is Xavier, with only 26 years old that has achieved the recognition of the public on multiple platforms.


Xavier is actor, director, producer and screenwriter from Canada, he has participated on films like Les amours imaginaries (where we portrayed a love triangle, friendship, and also the idea of love but not the real one), ha also is the director of the multi awarded film Mommy (the life of a single mother with his problematic teenager son), just to mention some of his work. Needless to say that Xavier with his 26 years old is recognized for his great work on the big screen.
On The Garçonne we don’t want to give you a wide biography of Xavier Dolan, instead, we want to make a brief recap of his movies, that we believe it’s a must to see, this because we think that a little of cinephile culture doesn’t hurt anybody.
Click on the images to see the movie trailes.

les amours imaginaries j'ai tué ma mère mommy


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